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You might be asking what does worm farming, prebiotics & probiotics, and a thriving microfauna have to do with Benepets TM. It all started in 2011 when Jeremy Olsen was working with worms. He and his team were testing new techniques to enhance the decomposition of different types of worm-friendly media with bacteria and prebiotics and probiotics. After numerous tests they developed a specific blend of bacteria, prebiotics and probiotics that were ultra-effective at helping the worms break down organic food waste into nutrient-rich compounds. This breakthrough helped them pivot from vermiculture to microbiomic powdered supplements and Benepets was born in 2014. Since 2014, we brought on Dr. Sheril Burton, a senior microbiologist at RIM Environmentals, a Division of Richards Industrial Microbiology, Inc. and Dr. Clark Kinghorn DVM, a renowned veterinarian. Over the course of four years, Dr. Burton isolated which specific bacteria and prebiotic and probiotic formulations could be used in fresh and saltwater environments, able to be cultivated and reproduced in-house, and could survive being dried and later reanimated to be effective when added into their environment. Today, we are in a 3,400 sq ft (with another 2,500 sq ft in the works) building located in Sandy, Utah. We grow all our own bacteria, prebiotics and probiotics and proudly manufacture all of our products in-house. 



As avid reefs, divers, underwater explorers we believe it is not just good for business but it is good for the planet to help give back. At the moment we are having several conversations with public aquariums, research facilities and coral reef restoration projects around the world to explore ways to help them grow stronger and more resilient coral ecosystems to help combat climate change and ocean acidification. Soon we’ll be able to share more so be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to read all about our conservation efforts. 


Our innovations began with the idea of treating animal food with probiotics and other natural supplements to control disease, enhance reproduction, prolong life, and enhance appearance. Probiotics are live microorganisms that supplement the animal’s natural immune system without costly chemicals and antibiotics which enhance the growth of antibiotic-resistant pathogens. In addition to achieving superior health results in pets, breeding animals and domestically raised food, probiotics delivered as part of the animal’s daily food, are less expensive than the use of drugs and chemicals. This quality of enhanced health, reproduction and longevity gives animal’s additional value as pets and breeders. Many consumers of poultry and seafood are eager to purchase foods raised free of chemicals and antibiotics which contaminate the animal and impact human health. We currently have patents pending on prebiotic and probiotic blends including other super-foods and natural color enhancing delivery systems for animals.

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What started out as a home- based experimental business has become a much larger venture with the potential to revolutionize the pet food industry. It is the mission of our company to continue to learn and grow together with our fellow hobbyists. We want everyone to have the chance to use our products to make the maintenance of their tanks easier and more enjoyable. Success is never final and we are on a never ending quest to improve the quality of life for pets, their environments and the people who love them through sound science based research.

We are so proud and excited to be a part of this amazing community of people. We have a wonderful team who love this hobby. These past four years have been a wonderful journey for us. We have developed some very strong friendships with many local and out of state people who, like us share a passion for this hobby. It’s these people who have given us the strength and determination to continue to strive for excellence. We have learned so much from each one of our friends in this industry that we honestly would not be here without them. We truly are proud to call them friends with Benepets!! We look forward to the next four years and are excited to build new relationships with many more of you in this industry!