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Does Benepets only feed corals?

No. We offer whole-biome (tank) nutrition. This comes from having food particles ranging in size from 3-3000 micron enabling our foods to feed everything from nitrifying bacteria, pods, fish and corals.

When can I expect to see (noticeable) results?

Approximately ~30 days. While this time varies by species and type of repair, 30 days has been shown to produce noticeable improvement or correction in many unhealthy or damaged corals. 

What noticeable results could I see?

Typically there will be an increased pod population, improved coral and fish coloration, tissue regeneration and more rapid growth, enhanced fish and coral immunity, broader micro-flora and fauna biodiversity and density, increased nutrient dependency leading to greater polyp extension and overall tank stability.

Why are there prebiotics and probiotics in Benepets?

Prebiotics and probiotics help build and maintain a healthy colony of beneficial bacteria and microorganisms in the gut. Together, they support nutrient absorption and aid in digestion.

Where do you get your prebiotics and probiotics?

We’ve been culturing our own proprietary blend of prebiotics and probiotics in-house since 2013. 

Does Benepets support the Nitrogen cycle?

Yes. Our formulations are specifically designed to support the entire nitrogen cycle - Ammonia to Nitrite, Nitrite to Nitrate, Nitrate export.

Could a protein skimmer not function as well when feeding Benepets?

Temporary, yes. After 30 minutes your skimmer will start making foam again.

Our food is designed to bond with free proteins that are in your water and make them a food source for the corals in your tank. Because they are no longer in the water your skimmer cannot produce foam until the portion of the food that is binding with the proteins has been consumed.

Are there fillers in Benepets?

At Benepets, we carefully select ingredients that support a specific purpose and function. These are not fillers, but rather high-quality ingredients that are designed to make another ingredient work more effectively. Meaning, our foods have ingredient interdependencies which make it more effective for whole-tank feeding.

What’s the best way to prepare and feed BeneReef powder?

Step 1. Mix the recommended amount of powdered food and tank water together. 

Step 2. Mix well and let sit for 3-5 minutes (this will re-hydrate all of the food ingredients and activate the prebiotics and probiotics).

Step 3. For broadcast feeding, pour the mixed liquid into the tank in a high flow area. If target feeding, turn off circulation pumps and use a turkey baster or pipette to target feed.

Step 4.  For best results, turn off the return pump for 10-15 minutes allowing the powerheads inside the tank to circulate any food that is not immediately consumed by fish or corals. 

Step 5. Turn the return pump back on. 

Step 6. Enjoy watching your tank be more active, and corals puff up before your eyes. 

When should I feed Benepets?

Generally, most corals feed more when the lights are either ramping down for the evening or later in the day so it’s best to feed BeneReef at this time. BenePellet LPS can be fed food anytime the target corals are showing polyp or feeding tentacle extension. BONUS. Coral and fish feeding is something that can be trained over time to promote feeding at specific times of day which can help to accommodate scheduled feeding times.

What’s Benepets good for? 
  • Feeds Nitrifying bacteria, Corals & Fish
  • 3-3000 Micron Size 
  • Keeps tank water cleaner longer
  • Patent Pending prebiotic and probiotic formula
  • Grows, colors and regenerates corals faster
  • Maximizes nutrient absorption
  • High quality proteins 
  • Will not overload your nutrients (No3/Po4)
Can I feed my freshwater fish Benepets? 

Yes. Benepets has been designed to be fed to marine and freshwater systems. Having said that, given corals will not be eating the finer foods, we recommend feeding about half the recommended amount.